Theatre architect and design

The Perth Theater finally made its way back again in December 2017. It was an award-winning design in the year 2008, but there were many obstacles in its construction. After facing so many problems, the work finally started in the year 2016.

The projects was a conservation attempt as the building dates back to the year 1900 that holds history from as early as 1589. Such an important building in Scotland needs to be restored and conserved.

At first, they have to repair and restore the old building. Then they need to add more to the building so that it can keep up with the demands of the 21st century. Additional function to the building was the workshop, social and performance spaces.

When the project was under construction, the theater was restored and the dressing room was refurbished. Some rooms were broken and reconstructed again to update the entrance of the theater that holds seats for 200 guests.

The new design keeps the box of the theater and exposes its brick wall. The entrance is more exciting and modern. Now there is a triple-height foyer on the entry. This space is connected to all the public facilities of the building.

You can access the community, studio, and cafe from this foyer. The bar sitting and other sitting places are nicely distributed between the ground and the first floor.

Basically, everything new is added to the building with respect to the previous design. To make the design better, the foyer is made in a way to make all spaces accessible from one point of the building. The foyer lets you enjoy the previous theater design with the upgraded new design.

Another new entrance is added to Miller street with the theatre to connect it with this cultural gathering where there is a concert on one side and theater on the other. The high street entrance to this place is also available for people.

There was an objection of the owner that the entrance to the ground floor should not be accessible from the street. But when you enter you will eventually arrive at the foyer, from where you can easily reach anywhere in the structure.

In order to enter the new theater, you need to use the Miller street entrance. The theater is a flat-floored room on the first floor with 200 retractable seats. It is located right above the Miller street access.

The exterior of the building contains metal and glass that reflects on the backlit facade of the theater, claimed interior house Painters. It also has a huge LED TV screen that displays all the performances going on inside.

Apart from these the new theater also has a multifunctional performance room. Sometimes it hosts shows, while other times it can be prepared for a workshop or community space.

On the back of the building, there is a new green room, a few dressing rooms, space for rehearsal, production workshop area. There is also a dock area that is with the entrance. It is staged to bring attention to the two main spaces of the building.