What Concrete Polishing Can Do For You?

Concrete flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials in the market. It can be colored, stained and printed to give it a variety of different looks and is known for its durability and easy and low maintenance. However, to fully reap the benefits of concrete flooring and to add to the list of advantages it offers, it is important to polish your concrete floor.

Concrete polishing offers a range of advantages. They are listed below:

  • Concrete polishing involves sealing the surface and making it dense. This tightens the porous concrete into a dense floor material capable of repelling water, oil and other contaminants, thus helping protect the floor from staining.
  • Concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth. Polish and seal that durable surface and you get an even longer life-span of your concrete flooring with considerably lower maintenance costs when compared to other high-end flooring materials.
  • Concrete naturally absorbs heat from direct exposure to sunlight and releases that heat at a rate influenced by the air temperature. This means that rooms with concrete flooring will be cooler in summers and warmer in winters, resulting in reduced usage of air-conditioning and heating. Polished concrete gives the added feature of making the concrete surface highly reflective. This allows for better lighting distribution in the room requiring lower energy consumption, thus contributing to overall reduction in lighting costs incurred by you, the owner.
  • Concrete polishing seals the surface, reducing the need for upkeep, thus reducing overall maintenance costs. Additionally, its reflective qualities can cut your lighting costs by up to 15%, making this one of the most cost-effective flooring options over the long run.
    concrete polishing gives you considerable freedom to choose the kind of design, pattern or look of flooring you want. You can customize your concrete to your exact needs and requirements by choosing from a range of decorative toppings, stains and finishes.

With more and more users becoming environmentally conscious about their choices, it is important to note that concrete polishing is one of the “greenest” flooring options in the market. This is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, concrete polishing is a process uses few if any raw materials. Secondly, most of the times the process of making the floor more attractive involves using crushed glass or metal shavings which are discarded items themselves, given a new life. Thirdly, polished concrete is VOC-free, which means it does not compromise on indoor air quality. Polished concrete is mold-resistant and does not generate dust which means it is particularly suited for individuals with allergies and health issues. Additionally, its ability to reduce electricity consumption means fewer emissions overall. Finally, concrete is 100% recyclable.

Polished concrete offers you a range of advantages, building on the numerous benefits of basic concrete flooring. While polished concrete may feel cold to bare feet, it is not any colder than other flooring options such as concrete floor polishing and its smooth, finished surface makes sure it is not at all abrasive to skin. Polished concrete is particularly suited to people looking for environmentally-friendly flooring material, to people with health issues, to people looking for custom design flooring, to people interested in cost-effective and durable flooring material and to those looking for optimal indoor air quality.